Thursday, November 7, 2013

Take Care of YOU!

Now that some of us are moving back home, now that most of the initial work has been started on the church building and damaged homes, we are entering into the "long term" stage of flood recovery.  In running terms we have gone from an initial sprint, to a sustained marathon.  It will take months and years before we get done with the clean up and restoration.  We won't ever go back to normal, but will one day emerge into a "new normal."  But during this sustained period of recovery, we all must be aware of how common it is to experience symptoms of fatigue.  Perhaps you have already experienced some of these in yourself or in others:

Excessive blaming, Bottled up emotions. Isolation from others. Complaining about … (fill in the blank: FEMA, Leadership, the neighbors, etc.) Compulsive behaviors (such as eating, spending, gambling, drugs or alcohol). Nightmares, Chronic physical ailments, Apathy, Difficulty concentrating, Mental fatigue and more.

You should know that, while these symptoms are normally encountered in times like this, they are danger signals.  We should be aware of ourselves and others, and ready to step in with emotional support and prayer.  Be sure to get enough sleep.  Be sure to take time to rest, relax and have fun.  Remember that our enemy, Satan, seeks to pick us off, to destroy us.  Remember also that our Strength is in the Lord, not in our own self-effort.  Don't be afraid to ask for help for yourself, even if it is only a friendly ear!  We are going to need one another as we go through this tough time together.

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