Sunday, March 23, 2014

The River's Progress

It's been six months since the flood. Step-by-step, the pieces are coming together and great progress has been made on our church building. We'll allow these photos to say it all...

The Front of the River Church
Beautiful colors in our Entryway
Stairs Leading to The River Kids
Upstairs in the Sunroom
Upstairs in the Sunroom
The Hallway leading to the restrooms
The Back of the Sanctuary
Amazing Masterful Woodwork!
Pastor Mickey's New Office
A closeup of our new carpet: black with a touch of blue
The River's Backyard
The River's Backyard: the river is back where it belongs!
These photos were taken about a week ago. Just wait till you see what's been done in the sanctuary and dining room! More photos to come sooner.

Heartfelt thanks to the following ministries for their diligent and skillful service to the Lord:
Curt and Mary Jo Hencye of Calvary Relief, Sarasota FL
Christian Aid Ministries
Christian Disaster Relief

Also great thanks to the recent teams from across America:

Harvest Christian Fellowship, Riverside CA

Calvary Chapel Joplin MO & Calvary Chapel Clovis NM

As always, we can still use more volunteers, especially working on the many homes destroyed in our community. Please consider getting involved — and bringing teams from your church. 

Call Curt Hencye for all the details (941-915-9560). 

Thanks for your consideration!

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