Friday, October 4, 2013

Serving Him and others in life's disasters

The hope of the River since day one was that we would be a vital part of our city. That we would be a culture within our culture that loves Jesus, believes scripture, and lives for the good of the whole city and not just our own self interests. Our heart was really to build a culture within our culture that would love our town, and seek to transform our town as they meet Jesus. And right now, in the middle of a disaster, we've been given an "opportunity" to further that vision and in a powerful way LOVE OUR CITY!

Nehemiah had a similar situation. He could have thought, "I'm glad I don't have to deal with the trouble in Jerusalem."  He was far away and could have ignored it.   He could have gotten angry at them, considering them to be lazy or stupid (you know, kind of like you feel about our "leaders" in Washington?).  But he prayed for his people, he prayed for his town with grief.  And humility!  One of the most surprising words you find in his prayer is the word, "we."  "I confess that we have sinned against You" (see Nehemiah chapter 1). Even though he was far away, serving in the luxury of the court of the king of Persia, Nehemiah knew he was part of "we."  "We" are all in this together.  He prayed about "we." He confessed about "we." He grieved for "we."  And then he asked God and the king to be allowed to go, with money and supplies to help "we."  We at the River are "we" of Lyons.  No "them and us" here; We are "we."

And we are asking God (and God's people) for the resources and strength to rebuild not just our church, but our town. If you have been effected by the flood and need help, please go to our website and click on the "Get Help" button. If you would like to help please go to our website and click on the "GIVE" button. Again, 100% of the donations that we receive will go to the disaster relief effort.

Serving Him and our town,
Pastor Mickey

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